On 27.11.2011 10:28, Jean-Louis Faucher wrote:
After thoughts, I think this part of my previous mail is not so obvious :
"Obviously, the overwritting should not happen."

If declaring CSELF is like doing expose CSELF, then it's normal to have a specific value at each scope.
Exposed variables are not inherited, so the assignment of DictWidget seems ok, knowing that the link DictWidget-->DictWindow has been created. I suppose that there is no need of specific ordering when linking the dictionaries ?

If that's correct, then I think the CSELF value should be managed with two methods get and set, whose scope is GTWIDGET. That way, the CSELF value would be always stored in DictWidget.

In the past there have been a few posts about CSELF, where Rick would give hints and explanations. Unfortunately, I have not found a way to look for subject-values in the developer list archive, hence a copy and paste of some of those explanations here:
If you need more snippets, infos, please let me know. Maybe Rick or David can clarify in the meantime.