Hi Anthony,

On 08.04.2011 14:00, Carter, Anthony wrote:

I use OOREXX 4.10 and would like to be able to access a oracle database – I did use SQL 2.5 when my desktop was Windows 32 XP the windows binaries where shipped.

Since moving to Windows 7 64 bit – I cannot use the old code.


SQL 2.6 didn’t ship the windows binaries – I did post a message on the SQL forum back in November.

I have tried to compile the source – but as I am not a programmer I haven’t been able to overcome the problems (nearly got the 64 bit to compile then found out my oracle client was 32 bit)


Now trying ORSQL from the incubator – But having similar problem’s where the SQL wants a “C” compiler but the OOREXX 4.10 API will only include some definitions if its C++


Can you please supply 32 + 64 binaries and/or a make/C++  file  that will work on 64bit windows(and some brief instructions for those of us who are not programmers).

even if you are running on a 64-bit W7 system I would strongly advise you to insstall the 32-bit (sic!) version of ooRexx instead of the 64-bit version. The 32-bit ooRexx works perfectly well and there is really no reason to go for the 64-bit at this point in time.

If you were to use the 32-bit version of ooRexx then all existing, 32-bit external Rexx function packages keep on working as in the past, such that your programs using RexxSQL on ooRexx 4.1.0 would keep working.

[Technically, a 64-bit-version of ooRexx cannot be mixed with 32-bit external Rexx function packages, hence the advice to use the 32-bit ooRexx 4.1.0.]