Well, for what it is worth, I have found where 4.0 rxapi hangs on OpenBSD.

 * Read from the connection.
 * @param buf       Target buffer for the read operation.
 * @param bufsize   Size of the target buffer.
 * @param bytesread Number of bytes actually read.
 * @return True on an error, otherwise false
bool SysServerConnection::read(void *buf, size_t bufsize, size_t *bytesread)
    if (c == -1)
        errcode = CSERROR_IO_FAILED;
        return false;
    *bytesread = (size_t)recv(c, buf, (int)bufsize, 0);
    errcode = CSERROR_OK;
    return true;
This is a read from the socket that rexx opens to rxapi. Even in gdb, off it
goes into space waiting for something that never happens. The session
queue and the data queue have been established. It's a pull from the
data queue that hangs. I've been using the guess.rex example as the
rexx driver for the rxapi debug. So maybe the problem is in rexx, not
in rxapi?

More if and when I get farther along!
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