Rainer Tammer wrote:

Rick McGuire wrote:
I just checked, and the files you wished to have converted were
missing the native property for eol-style.  Generally, and of the text
files like hpp or cpp should be using native, not LF as the eol-style.

I's working now. Somehow an old client config file was picked up and
unfortunately the file contained a
wrong config. Now my svn is working perfectly. Thanks very much.


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I wanted to clarify something here. The local SVN config file is ONLY USED when you add new files to the repository. It is not read or accessed during a checkout operation. Instead, SVN reads the properties of the file in the repository to determine what to do for endofline characters. If the file has no properties it uses a best guess mechanism. This is sometimes really confusing to new SVN users.

David Ashley