Hi there,

while looking at the possibilities that sort allows for I stumbled over a few observations which I think are omissions. Not being sure I rather list them here, but would enter them as bugs (please note that at the moment I cannot create ooRexx, hence I do not want to check in anything that I cannot test):
So this would probably mean that:
To be able to fully use the classification tree for classifying purposes, the classes "Comparator" and "DescendingComparator" should both have either the same parent, or "DescendingComparator" should specialize "Comparator" or both classes should be marked with a class that indicates "comparator" functionality. (An alternative could be to use a package concept, where one would be able to classify by putting classes belonging together into the same package; but then one would need an ability to check whether a class got defined to belong to a certain package.)