Mark Hessling wrote:
  are we making an effort to have a Mac version also?
Did you just volunteer René ? ;-)
Hopefully, hopefully (I have students who have Macintoshes and need ooRexx on them; once you are able to get the BSF4Rexx dll created on the Mac they will test their stuff immediately on the Mac; one interesting student BTW, who attempts to write an Eclipse plugin for ooRexx.)

    Mark - can you create the Windows beta? Also, can we get an AIX beta?
Yes a Windows beta is doable. It also looks like an AIX beta will also be available based on the fact I've just managed to build and run it on the AIX box I have access to; it is AIX 5.2, Rainer's box is AIX 5.3, so it looks promising!!
*That's* just great!! [Mark, any chances that you or someone else would try to compile on AIX; one would need the include files of the Java SDK?]



P.S.: Am looking into your Rexx/Curses for a friend and contemplating to create some simple ooRexx classes, making it a little bit easier to control the input of users in "cbreak" mode and to simply cycle between such input fields. If interested, I will keep you posted.