Hi Marc,
I figured out a 4th way to go.   I could help by building oo verification scripts for other components like wordpos, delword, lastpos, wordindex, etc...  Any suggestions?
this would be *highly* appreciated! You could indeed help the ooRexx project considerably by helping creating all the necessary testCases!

Would you be able/intrested in creating individual testUnits for testing the individual classes that ooRexx supplies? If so, how about, if you started with the class "Array" and test all of its methods?

To do this, please go to the directory  "testUnits\ooRexx\base\class", copy the file "ooRexx.Base.Class.String.testUnit" to "ooRexx.Base.Class.Array.testUnit", change all occurrences of the class name within the new file from "ooRexx.Base.Class.String.testUnit" to "ooRexx.Base.Class.Array.testUnit". Then delete all testMethods and add your own ones, each testing a method or aspect of the Array class. Keep testing while developing the testcases by running the program with "rexx ooRexx.Base.Class.Array.testUnit".

Again, it would be highly appreciated, could you devise such a testUnit (and other ones thereafter). Also, I am copying this to the developer-list in the hope that maybe other interested people step forward in helping creating the initial testUnits for all parts/aspects of ooRexx, mainly the classes at the moment!

If there are any questions please ask them via the developer list (<oorexx-devel@lists.sourceforge.net>) such that others who follow it can see what kind of problems there may be and how one could possibly solve them, o.k.?



P.S.: Also, if anyone knows of someone who could be interesting in helping creating the initial testUnits for ooRexx, please ask/address them!