Dear ooRexx users,

I have been using ooRexx in a script that can launch a browser under Windows XP for some time now and that works fine. I can control Internet Explorer (more or less) using ole and this is how I control Firefox:

Try to launch firefox from ooRexx on PC or Mac
1.00 Original coding 03.01.2013

 pgmpath  = value('ProgramFiles',,'ENVIRONMENT')

 FF_String =  '"'|| pgmpath || '\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe"'
 url1 = ''
 url2 = ''

 Launch_String = FF_String '-new-tab' url1
 res = RxWinExec(Launch_String)

 CALL sysSleep 5

 Launch_String = FF_String '-new-tab' url2
 res = RxWinExec(Launch_String)


::requires 'winsystm.cls'

Now, my question: can I do something similar under Mac OS X?

Hälsningar / Regards / Grüsse
P.O. Jonsson