Is it possible that what David is doing will work with either the cygwin tool set or the GnuWin32 versions?  I'm not particularly tied to using cygwin....I just want a unified build process and make files.


On Jan 29, 2008 8:21 PM, Mark Miesfeld <> wrote:
On Jan 29, 2008 1:27 PM, David Ashley <> wrote:

> I have been working on the build process for ooRexx today.

I've watched your progress in the commits.

> Mark - I will really need your help in getting the Windows stuff correct and
> of course a lot of testing will need to be done to determine that all this
> works :-)

I will of course help.  But, I'm less than enthused about it.  <grin>

I don't have any strong reasons why this won't work, but for me it is

I build on 5 or 6 different Windows systems.  None of them have cygwin
on them.  I don't like using cygwin on Windows.  I use the GnuWin32
tools for all the unix utilities I am fond of.  Like grep, cat, rm,
sed, tail, head, etc.  So, it is just one more thing I'll have to
install and maintain on a bunch of systems that really adds no value
to the systems.

As I implied, I don't really have any strong objections, it's just
that it adds one layer to what anyone that wants to try building on
Windows has to cope with.  I think the majority of people that want to
build on Windows are comfortable with the Windows tools.  Microsoft
now makes everything needed to build ooRexx for yourself available for
free.  And everything uses the Windows paradigm, which everyone that
is on Windows is comfortable with.

Mark Miesfeld

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