Yes, that's the correct error (same one used for ::attribute and ::method ATTRIBUTE).  The only thing that's allowed after one of those directives is another directive, so anything else is an unreconized directive.


On Dec 30, 2007 5:11 PM, Mark Miesfeld <> wrote:
I expected this to produce an error and it does.  But, I'm not sure
what syntax error to expect.  Is 99.916 correct?

 ::method  test_code_after_directive
   self~assertNotSame("Must be able to create source file", "",

   src = .array~new
   src[1] = "return .TestClass~MAX_DOGS_PER_HOUSEHOLD"
   src[2] = ""
   src[3] = "::class 'TestClass'"
   src[4] = "::constant PI 3.14195"
   src[5] = "::constant ZERO 0.0"
   src[6] = "::constant MAX_DOGS_PER_HOUSEHOLD 6"
   src[7] = "  return 14"
   src[8] = "::constant MAX_CATS_PER_HOUSEHOLD 0"
   name = addToFile(src, self~functionFileName)

   ret = 'testConstant'()

[error] [20071230 14:06:03.055000]
 Class: ConstantSyntaxErrs
 File:  E:\work.ooRexx\...\3.x\ooRexx\base\directives\CONSTANT.testGroup
 Event: [SYNTAX 99.916] raised unexpectedly.
   Unrecognized directive instruction

Mark Miesfeld

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