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This looks so much better than the old files.  A couple of things I think need changing.  To start with, longs are a bit of a problem, so we need to replace all long integers with either int or (preferred) size_t.  Anything that represents a length (such as the lengths in the RXSTRING should be size_t.  Values used as options can just be ints.  These will have the same size as longs in 32-bit code, but have fewer problems getting migrated to 64-bit.


On 10/30/07, David Ashley <dashley@us.ibm.com> wrote:

All -

I started work on modifying the current rexx.h file for the future. I incorporated a lot of Rick's 4.0 stuff into it. Here are some of the changes I made.

- All of the conditional sections have been removed. You now get everything by default (this was always a pain in the neck for me :-) )
- The uppercase versions of the type names remain but all the Rexx structures now use platform independent member types.
- I added a COSTRXSTRING structure. This is used in some of the APIs where the receiver is not allowed to modify anything in the argument Rexx string.
- Some of the APIs have been modified to use the CONSTRXSTRING structure.
- Note that when an RXSTRINF is passed as an argument and is meant to be modified by the receiver (such as for return strings) then it does NOT use the CONSTRXSTRING but the standard RXSTRING instead.
- There are now some platform specific files and some non-specific files that are included from rexx.h.
- I did some cleanup of some of the comments and removed some blank lines to group items together in a more logical way.

The changes are in my sandbox


Please take a look and let me know what you think of the changes.

W. David Ashley
IBM Systems and Technology Group Lab Services
Open Object Rexx Team
Mobile Phone: 512-289-7506

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