Mostly blind, dumb luck :-)  The exception was occurring when control returned from the invocation of the abs() method.  At that point, the calling C++ method's this pointer was null, which was the source of the exception.  When trying to figure out why this was happening, I noticed that the abs() method was going through the path that was passing a single argument to the method rather than the correct zero arguments.  From there, it was pretty easy.  But the key was first finding out where/why the exception was occurring in the first place.


On 7/18/07, Mark Miesfeld <> wrote:
On 7/18/07, Rick McGuire <> wrote:
> Ok, I finally figured out how to do this.  I fudged the make file so that
> the DEBUG version built with the same optimization options are the release
> version.  This allowed me to reproduce the trap, and figure out where it was
> occurring.  This was an interesting one, for sure.

That was a godd idea.  I saw your commit and was curious how you found
the problem.

Mark Miesfeld

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