I am also -1 with this.  sort and sortWith are not a single function that differ only by the argument.  They are completely separate implementations that share no common code.  For all of the reasons I cited earlier, I believe these should be left as distinct methods.


On 5/30/07, Rony G. Flatscher <Rony.Flatscher@wu-wien.ac.at> wrote:
Having arrived (creating testcases for 3.2) at the sorting methods of
the array class, I cannot help but feel quite a bit "un-Rexx-ish" here.

The main reason probably being that the methods "sort" (no argument) and
"sortWith" (one argument) would be shown as separate methods in Java,
because they have different signatures, which is of utmost importance
for the Java compiler.

Whereas in Rexx I would expect to be "confronted" with one method "sort"
only, which happens to have an optional argument. (The same is true for

So I request to fold at least "sort" and "sortWith" into one method
"sort", and independently fold "stableSort" and "stableSortWith" into
one method "stableSort".
[This would be independent of the implementation internally which may
distinguish between the variant without argument and the one with
argument. This distinction would be an implementation detail for a Rexx
programmer, which he would not need to pay attention to.]


P.S.: Also, I truly think that doing so makes getting an overview,
recalling and applying the methods easier (seriously!).

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