I think generally projects keep links for the most recent version on the main download page, and have a link for an archive of older releases.


On 8/17/06, Mark Miesfeld <mmiesfeld@amcc.com> wrote:
I agree with Gert.

Most projects I have looked at keep the previous versions available.
Unless there is some problem with running out of storage, I think they
should be kept, maybe not indefinitely, but for a long time.

Mark Miesfeld


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Hi David,

I've seen a lot of sourceforge projects where you can still download
previous releases. I think it's a good thing when running into problems
introduced by a new release you can still download previous releases. I
would never remove them unless the occupied webstorage on sourceforge
might become a problem.

Kind regards, Gert


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All -

I want to propose something. Feel free to comment.

Should we remove the ooRexx v3.0 downloads when we release the v3.1
release? Or wait a while? Or not remove it at all? I am not sure what
the protocol for this is in the opensource world and would like some

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