It doesn't matter *where* the copyright/license statement just has to be included somewhere in the source.  Most of the open source projects I've encountered put it at the beginning, but I've seen a few that use an end-of-the-file convention.


On 11/11/05, Rony G. Flatscher <> wrote:
Hi Rick,

thank you very much  for your quick answer!

Rick McGuire wrote:

> Having worked with a number of lawyers recently on open source
> licensing issues, I'd have to answer this with a "NO" (or possibly a
> "NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!".  The full copyright statement should appear
> in each source file, where practical.  This is not just for the
> protection of the project, but also for anybody who wishes to use the
> ooRexx code within another product.  For example, were an IBM product
> that currently uses the IBM product version of Object Rexx wish to
> switch to the open source version, it would be much easier for that
> product to obtain clearance to use ooRexx if the sources were diligent
> in playing by the rules.

Hmm, then how about placing the full license text at the *end* of the
source code? Possibly with a hint at the beginning where to find the
license text in the sourcefile?



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