Currently, an external function can only receive string data.  All arguments are converted into string values and those are passed to the calling function.  Coming soon will be the ability to pass arguments dirctly as objects and also to invoked methods against those arguments.  There is no example code out there because it doesn't really exist yet.

On 10/22/05, Michael Lueck <> wrote:
I got thinking... there are all these data types in Object Rexx. When sending
data to a Rexx callable C function in a DLL, how does Object Rexx prepare
giving these datatypes to C? I know stems must be accessed via the API to
access Rexx variables, and strings just seem to behave, but what about sending
a MutableBuffer to a C function? Does ooRexx magically run the string method of
the instance and pass that result to C, or does the C code need to interact
with that which it was passed in a special way to crack the data out of these
complex data types?

Any example code out there and I just didn't see it?


Michael Lueck
Lueck Data Systems

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