I like the rs.i.id style, I haven't used stems as output from oosqlite exec at all, so no code to change here either.
for me it's more OO_STEM_OF_ROWS (rs.0) than OO_STEM_OF_COLUMNS

Regarding the risk of using a local variable with the same name as a table column,
I think that's the programmer's responsibility to keep track of. That problem is always present regardless oosqlite.
So please no construct like, stem.0column or .!column

Another thing to maybe (I am not sure) consider is if a table column name have embedded space, like 'my column'.
Also if using stem.~allIndexes/makearray, you get an array of all stem tails/indexes, but it's in an unspecified order and in the case that
this is table column names, it had been nice to have the same order as the sql select statement order.


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Ämne: Re: [Oorexx-users] ooSQLite and OO_STEM_OF_STEMS
On Tue, Oct 30, 2012 at 4:35 PM, Staffan Tylen <staffan.tylen@gmail.com> wrote:

Regardless of that discussion, I could change the way the returned stem is created so that this would would work:

say 'id'~left(6) || 'type_id'~left(8) || 'name'~left(25)
say '='~copies(40)

do i = 1 to rs.0
say rs.i.id~left(6) || rs.i.type_id~left(8) || rs.i.name~left(25)

and you would get output something like this:

id type_id name
86 4 A1 Sauce
213 9 All Day Sucker
212 9 Almond Joy
189 8 Apple


do i = 1 to rs.0
say rs.i.name

Is actually more of the construct I first pictured. But, my first implementation didn't work correctly and I gave up on that, thinking for some reason that it wasn't possible.

This discussion got me thinking about it again.

This change would mean any one already using the existing format would need to change their code.

I would like to hear what people think?

Mark Miesfeld
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