Dear Sahananda,
Thank you so much for your explanation.
<<<<<<<<<<< Sree n Haritha just have a look <<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Microsoft's Script Center Script Repository:
Yugandhar Kanthi

Sahananda <> wrote:
> can anyone help me in knowing what the following statement would mean:
> ivWMIObj =

Hi Yug,

I'm guessing that this is not the right place to get the answer that you

>From an ooRexx point of view, in the above statement <.OLEObject> creates a
new instance of the OLEObject class, <~GetObject> sends it the GetObject
Method with the parameters "winmgmts:{impersonationLevel=impersonate}" and
'places' the result (presumably a WMI object or the nil object) in the
Variable ivWMIObj so that you can subsequently interact with it.

I'm guessing that your question is about the WMI parameters, in which case,
a good group to seek help from might be

There are also a lot of sample scripts in Microsoft's Script Center Script
Repository and although they are headed Sample Object REXX Scripts they work
with ooRexx, but then perhaps that is where you found the code you are
asking about?

of course there may be a wmi expert watching this group & just typing a
reply now...
hth Jon

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