I have reviewed the reference manual documentation on the OPEN method, and I do not see any option to specify the encoding of the input stream.


Is it possible to specify the input stream encoding anywhere?  In particular, I have some UTF-8 text produced by Xpdf’s pdftotext utility that I want to read and be able to specify UTF-8 character constants in my Rexx program code (also encoded in UTF-8) to be compared against the UTF-8 input characters.


For instance, a superscript “1” in UTF-8 is actually encoded as two 8-bit characters, hex representation ‘C2B9’X.  In my UTF-8 Rexx code, I would code a string constant to check for that superscript “1” as a quote, a superscript “1” and another quote, which displays as if it is three characters in the UTF-8 editor I use.


If I am barking up the wrong tree here, please just guide me in the right direction.


TIA for any help or RTFM you can provide.