Mark Miesfeld - 2012-07-21


I don't see this as a bug. If I change this to:

--Say ' 'rxcalcsin(0.1,'R')
Say ' 'rxcalcsin(0.1,0)

::requires 'rxmath' LIBRARY

I get this output:

 4 *-* Say ' 'rxcalcsin(0.1,0)

Error 40 running C:\work.ooRexx\\rxcalcsin.bug\test.rex line 4: Incorrect call to routine
Error 40.1: External routine "RXCALCSIN" failed

So, 0 is also accepted, and as you said, 4294967295 is also accepted.

The message is correct, making it not a bug.

You can argue that the message could be better, and I wouldn't argue with you. But that makes this a RFE (request for enhancement.)

I'm going to move this out of the Bug tracker and put it in the Feature Requests tracker.