#427 precompiler RexxC


There is a known restriction with the precompiled images:
they must adhere to the interpreter's architectur 32-bit ir 64-bit.
That means, if you are distributing precompiled images, you have to generate two versions and distribute the right one.

It would be halpful to have the interpreter use a common pseudo-code not depending on it's architectur,
like the IBM Host Rexx Compiled does (useing the same pseudo code on z/OS, VSE and VM under all architectures 24-bit, 31-bit and 64-bit)

But at least, if you are not able to support a common pseudo-code, it must be possible to generate both versions on the same machine.
It is not reasonable to transfer the rexx-procedure to another machine to have the second pseudo-code image produced.

thx a lot, Michael


  • Michael K. J. Heihs

    Changed the priority, and hopefully get an aswer !!!

  • Rick McGuire

    Rick McGuire - 2011-06-20

    This is not really feasible. The mechanisms used to create the compiled versions do not translate well into supporting both 32- and 64-bit interoperability. The effort required to rearchitect this is such that this is not likely to happen in light of other priorities.



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