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When using the ooDialog public routines from a .rc dialog thats has an icon resource defined
some of the public routines doesn't use the defined icon in the displayed window.
Is it possible to get all these public routines to behave the same way,
preferable is to use the defined resource in .rc script, if any.

Haven't tested all routines but some

These tested and displays the icon defined in the .rc script

These displays the default ooo icon

The timedMessage doesn't show any icon in displayed window


  • Mark Miesfeld

    Mark Miesfeld - 2011-01-27

    The behavior you see comes from the way the operating system behaves and because of the way the different public routines are implemented.

    The Info, Ask, Error, FileName dialog routines make a call to an API in Windows and the operating system puts up its own dialog. The operating system controls how this works. So, there is no way of changing what it does. And, it may, or may not, use an icon from the application.

    The other routines create ooDialog dialogs, but they are meant to be used is simple situations. In most of the usage of these routines, there is no icon from the application involved, so there is no way to make them behave consistently, other than have them use a known, available icon. That icon is either the ooRexx icon or one of the two default ooDialog icons.

    All of which is a round about way of saying there is no good way to make them all behave the same.

    I'll keep this open and think about it, but I'm not sure it is doable to begin with.

  • Mark Miesfeld

    Mark Miesfeld - 2013-01-08

    Hmm, that's odd, I had not realized you had opened this /hex.

    Anyhow, I will shortly have an enhancement that addresses this issue. The ApplicationManager class will have an added method, defaultIcon. This method will allow the programmer to set any icon for the default. Any dialog that does not explicitly assign an icon will have the default icon. This includes all the standard dialogs and routines.

    It works well, and makes sense to me. If you have an application, you can set the default icon and then every dialog in you application will have the same icon.

  • Mark Miesfeld

    Mark Miesfeld - 2013-01-08
    • status: open --> accepted
    • assigned_to: Mark Miesfeld
    • pending_work_items: --> none
    • milestone: None --> ooDialog.4.2.1
  • Mark Miesfeld

    Mark Miesfeld - 2013-01-09

    Committed revision 8794. [r8794] implmentation

    The oostddlg and oostdfct examples have been renamed to oodStandardDialog and oodStandardRoutines and enhanced to use the new defaultIcon() of the ApplicationManager. This gives all the dialogs in the example programs the same application icon.



    Commit: [r8794]

  • Mark Miesfeld

    Mark Miesfeld - 2013-01-09
    • pending_work_items: none --> doc
  • Mark Miesfeld

    Mark Miesfeld - 2013-01-10
    • status: accepted --> pending
    • pending_work_items: doc --> complete
    • milestone: ooDialog.4.2.1 --> ooDialog.4.2.2
  • Mark Miesfeld

    Mark Miesfeld - 2013-01-10

    Committed revision 8809. r[8809] doc.

  • Mark Miesfeld

    Mark Miesfeld - 2013-03-04
    • status: pending --> closed
  • Mark Miesfeld

    Mark Miesfeld - 2013-03-04

    Feature is in ooDialog 4.2.2



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