Mark Miesfeld - 2007-08-07

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Committed revision 659.

This commit adds function to makeorx.bat to: check that the required PDF files are in the proper location when building the install package. Adds a third optional argument to makeorx.bat so that docs can be copied from a location specified by the user if they are missing. Rather than specify this location on the command line, an environment variable can also be used to specify the location.

To build the interpreter and build the install package with the PDF doc located outside the build directory you can now do:

C:\ooRexx\3.x\interpreter>makeorx NODEBUG PACKAGE C:\ooRexx\doc

or equivalently:

C:\ooRexx\3.x\interpreter>set DOC_LOCATION=C:\ooRexx\doc
C:\ooRexx\3.x\interpreter>makeorx NODEBUG PACKAGE

The changes have no effect if you are just building the interpreter and / or already have the doc subdirectory and docs in the proper place.