#144 Page breaks, and misc.

Reference (110)

in file C:\Program Files\ooRexx\doc\rexxref.pdf :

Page breaks should not occur within a syntax diagram. Example: section 2.18: PARSE, at the bottom of page 59. A page break should not occur between >>-PARSE--+-------+--+----------+-------------------------------> and +-UPPER-+ +-CASELESS-+ on the following line.
Actually, nor should a page break occur right after the section heading; in this case, the page break should be right before "2.18. PARSE"

Page 60 (same section):
The paragraph starting with "If you specify If you specify UPPER..." obviously needs the redundancy removed.
The paragraph starting with "The template_list can be...", and the two paragraphs which follow it, should be moved after the description of the variants of PARSE, that is, all the way to the end of section 2.18.

Thanks for providing and maintaining Object Rexx.



  • Mark Miesfeld

    Mark Miesfeld - 2009-06-20


    Thanks a lot for reporting this. I fixed the repetive 'if you specify'.

    As for moving the template_list paragraphs, they make sense to me where they are, to give context to the explanations. This then makes it rather subjective as to whether the paragraphs should, or shouldn't, be moved. So, I'm leaving that as is.

    Lastly, while it is certainly true that the page breaks are happening where they shouldn't, the current set up of the toolset used to produce the PDF files doesn't seem capable of controlling that well.

    The committer's that are currently doing the bulk of the work are few, and not highly interested in doing documentation. I think we all try to share the documentation work so that no one of us is over-burdened by it, but fixing the page break problem looks to be a major undertaking. It seems to fall into the category of 'not perfect, but good enough for now.'

    Of course we would love for someone interested in making the documentation perfect to show up. All it would take for that person to be made a committer would be for he or she to submit a few solid patches improving the documentation and express an interest in maintaining the docs.

    Thanks again for this report.

  • Mark Miesfeld

    Mark Miesfeld - 2009-07-16

    After the discussion on the devel list, it seems that there is not much to be done about the page breaks at this time.

    Since the fixable part of this is fixed, I'm going to close it.



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