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  • ezcat

    ezcat - 2007-11-05

    I'm running two different versions of Rexx on two systems.

    On "Rexx 3.1.2 April 20,2007" I get this error:

      702 *-* Parse var p1 '<Num>' self~Num '</Num>'

    Error 38 running d:\$user\DVD\dvd.rex line 702: Invalid template or pattern
    Error 38.1: Incorrect PARSE template detected at "~"

    On "REXX-ooRexx_3.2.0.590(MT) 6.02 13 Jul 2007" I do not get the error. I installed .59 to fix some other problem I was having a while back.

    I'm a bit confused by which version is newer. 3.1.2 is a higher number but the date is older.

    So, is it OK to use an object like self~Num in the Parse template? Or should I change it?


    • ezcat

      ezcat - 2007-11-05

      I may have made an error in the version of Rexx that got the error.

      It should read: REXX-ooRexx_3.1(MT) 6.01 20 Apr 2007

      Sorry for the confusion, but my question still stands.

      Is it OK to use an object like self~Num in the Parse template?


      • Rick McGuire

        Rick McGuire - 2007-11-05

        Um, since when is 3.1.2 a higher number than 3.2.0? The ability to use self~num is a new feature in the 3.2.0 release.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      It's called dyslexia :-( sorry for the confusion and thanks for the answer.



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