Who is using ooRexx?

  • Guy Swagten

    Guy Swagten - 2012-06-19

    Hello World,

    I've been using ooRexx now for over a year and the contract I was working on
    is ended.

    I wonder where ooRexx is used in the Netherlands. Can you developers give some
    response to that question?


    Kind regards,

    Guy Swagten

  • Roger Bilau

    Roger Bilau - 2012-06-20

    I and a colleague of mine use ooRexx - mainly because we've been working the
    last twenty years on IBM mainframes, where we used Rexx to speak with ISPF,
    DB2, QMF etc.

    In addition, we have used both OS/2 as long as it existed - therefore, REXX
    has a long tradition with us.

    I find it very unfortunate, that REXX outside the IBM world is rarely used and
    is virtually unknown.

  • Mike (Stgt)

    Mike (Stgt) - 2012-09-13

    As I am used to REXX from VM/ESA times I try to use OOREXX on my netbook. Alas, I do not feel comfortable with the 'OO' of this REXX, not yet.

  • Stan Mlynarski

    Stan Mlynarski - 2013-10-18

    I have used Rexx since 1985 on CMS, TSO, OS/2, Unix, and many Windows servers. It helped me save the company over $250,000 by automating tasks. Specialities were 1 off that addressed somone wishing out loud, "Could we do..." Even now I use it to automate things more eficiently than any .Net or DOS commands can. But I too am not comfortable with the "OO" version but that has no impact on the great features of this base products. Do we thank Michael Cowlishaw for this?


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