External program name with relative path

  • James Johnson

    James Johnson - 2009-06-23

    Assume the following:
    1) Executing a rexx program from DirA
    2) The program being executed, progA, is in DirB
    3) Within DirB is DirC and within DirC is progB
    which is called by progA.
    4) The call statement in progA is "call 'DirC/progB' "

    The question is if the name of an external program
    contains a relative path, will it be found?

    I have found that if DirA and DirB are different it
    will not. If DirA is the same as DirB then it will be found.

    • James Johnson

      James Johnson - 2009-06-23

      A follow up. On Windows the external program is found. On Linux, Suse 11.1, it is not found.


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