Installation of 32-bit rexx on 64-bit Solaris

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    See the conversation between Moritz and myself in the "Help" forum.

    I'm trying to get ooRexx installed on SunOS 8 and 10 boxes with SPARC processors. I understand they need to be compiled as 32-bit applications, but that much information isn't getting us anywhere.

    I am able to issue 'rexx -v' successfully with the current installation:

    stevej:13> /usr/bin/rexx -v
    Open Object Rexx Interpreter Version 3.1.1 for SUNOS
    Build date: Sep 27 2007
    Copyright (c) IBM Corporation 1995, 2004.
    Copyright (c) RexxLA 2005-2006.
    All Rights Reserved.
    This program and the accompanying materials
    are made available under the terms of the Common Public License v1.0
    which accompanies this distribution.

    Syntax is "rexx [-v] filename [arguments]".

    However, the following program bombs out easily:


    Numeric Digits 20
    Interpret 'Say' arg(1)

    stevej:15> lsay '10 / 3'
    Bus error (core dumped)

    For some reason, gdb doesn't like the format of the core file...

    This system is SunOS 2.8, but we also have 2.10 boxes in the same group which would need to run the interpreter as well.

    Could anyone provide some guidance on how to build this properly?

    Thanks, Steve

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      Hmmm... I seem to be read-only on that list... maybe because I'm not logged in...

      Thanks, I'll figure it out...


    • Moritz Hoffmann

      Moritz Hoffmann - 2008-03-19

      OT: Actually I meant the mailing list "Open Object Rexx Developer Mailing List" <>, not this forum. Sorry to make this not clear enough.


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