Building ooRexx on z/Linux

  • Nobody/Anonymous


    Has anyone successfully done an rpmbuild from ooRexx source rpm and
    gotten it to compile properly? If so, what version and where did you get

    I have been trying with Version 3.2.0 from sourceforge.

    I got it to compile, after I removed the brain-dead %define statements that pointed
    somewhere into dashley's (who ever that is) home directory. Unfortunately, when the
    build tries to test it with "./rexx -i" it gets a segmentation fault in
    0x0000020000141b58 in RexxMemory::newObject (this=0x200001a0ca8, requestLength=56)
    at ./kernel/runtime/DeadObject.hpp:106
    106 this->next->previous = this->previous;

    Changing the optimization level to O0 didn't help. Shame. The version as open
    sourced by IBM compiled and ran just fine.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      So what flags need to be passed to configure to get ooRexx to compile using 32-bit addressing?

    • Rick McGuire

      Rick McGuire - 2008-04-02

      From the segmentation fault data, it looks like you're compiling this in 64-bit mode. This code has lots of type cleanliness issues that preclude 64-bit execution. You're going to need to force this to compile/run using 32-bit addressing.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Thanks, Rick.

      I not do seem to recall that someone had mentioned at one time that ooRexx would need significant work to compile cleanly in 64 bit mode.



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