How to create Mac OSX universal dylibs

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    we're using ooRexx as dylibs to give our terminal application rexx support. Under Darwin, which we are about to support in the next few months, using an i386 version of librexx.dylib and librexxapi.dylib works fine.

    To support Apple PowerPC machines also, our application will be an universal binary build. So we would also need universal rexx dylibs, right?

    I'm able to glue a i386 and a ppc dylib together with lipo, but I'm currently not able to create a PPC dylib here with configure and make.

    Under our i386 machines, I'm simply using './configure' and 'make' and I will find the dylibs in .libs

    Any help how to build a PPC based dylib on our i386 machines? I've tried ./configure build=powerpc_apple', but the result is still an i386 lib.

    And... one more question: the resulting librexx.dylib is about 25 MB in size. Does the normal make create debugging information, and, if yes, how could I remove it for release.

    Any hints would be highly appreciated

    Thanks for any support!!!

    Markus Gömmel

    • David Ashley

      David Ashley - 2008-09-02

      ooRexx uses the GNU auto tools for compilation on *nix machines. You can download the documentation for autoconf at There are a number of command line options that can be passed to autoconf (via the configure script) that will perform cross platform compilations. But you should also be aware that your system must have the proper libraries for the target system installed for it to work and that is not an easy task. Also, the autoconf manual is like Greek the first time you read it, but subsequent reads will begin to bear some fruit for you.

      Good luck.


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