Garbage collector

  • Anonymous - 2009-08-16

    How can I get Rexx's garbage collector to be invoked? Especially how can I get garbage collected objects' "uninit" methods to fire?

    I am able to cause Rexx.exe to abort and have been trying for days to narrow down the problem so I can report it properly, but my tests each take a very long time to run, perhaps because "uninit"s need to run to cause the problem, so learning how to shorten the tests would help me greatly.

    By the way, the problem may have to do with a "signal on novalue" being in the "uninit" with no "onsignal" clause. Sometimes the uninit just fails quietly, sometimes the uninitialized variable is reported as it should be, and sometimes Rexx.exe aborts. Maybe someone already fixed it??

    • Mark Miesfeld

      Mark Miesfeld - 2009-08-16


      A short answer is you can't invoke the garbage collectory.

      But, a better answer is you should post this on the developer's list where Rick could answer. It's hard for us to follow these forums. We usually work through the developer's list.

      It's easy to subscribe to, there is not a whole lot of traffic, and you can just ignore the traffice if you want.

      Mark Miesfeld


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