RexxSQL support (off topic I know)

  • Staffan Tylen

    Staffan Tylen - 2012-09-10

    I've found out the hard way that the multiple thread support in ooRexx doesn't seem to match the version of RexxSQL (2.5) that I'm using, and unfortunately looking at the support pages for RexxSQL there doesn't seem to be any support for that product anymore, as least there are lots of old and new unanswered questions and requests that seem to go unheard. This is somewhat problematic for me. I'd wish to install the latest v2.6 which should have thread support (I've found information saying that 2.5 also supports it, which is not true). But unfortunately there are no binaries available for the db I'm using (SQLite). This means compiling from source on Win7 using MinGW (?). Unfortunately I don't have the background to figure out how to do that and I can't find anything on the net. Anybody who can help by recommending a way forward? I've been looking at ooSQLite but it seems a bit too fresh to depend on right now.
    Sorry for 'polluting' this forum.

    • Mark Miesfeld

      Mark Miesfeld - 2012-09-11

      Well, I can't give you any advice with respect to RexxSQL, you'll have to come to your own conclusion there.

      My advice would be to use ooSQLite, and help shape the direction it will take if you need to.

      I'm not sure what you mean by depend on. But, for the most part all the methods and functions in ooSQLite are one to one calls into the SQLite library, so it is as dependable as SQLite is.

      The ooRexx project itself is limited by the amount of work contributed to it. The current developers are limited by the amount of free time they have. If users of ooRexx contributed more work by finding and reporting bugs, contributing test programs, etc., ooRexx would benefit.

      This directly relates to ooSQLite. If you would like ooSQLite to be more dependable, you could help that by using and testing ooSQLite, reporting bugs, opening up feature requests, maybe contribute some example programs, etc..

      As an aside, I would encourage you to use the ooRexx User list for general discussion rather than this forum. You could subscribe at:

      I find these forums more clumsy to work with than an e-mail list.

      Mark Miesfeld

  • Staffan Tylen

    Staffan Tylen - 2012-09-11

    Mark, many thanks for your views on this. From what you are saying here I'm strongly going to consider a switch to ooSQLite for my project. And thanks for hinting about the user list, I've signed up already. I very much appreciate your feedback on this.


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