Downloading to install on Linux?

  • jfkelley

    jfkelley - 2006-02-18

    I'm a hopeless newbie (but long-time rexx end-user hacker). I've spent half an hour clicking everything in sight and can't figure out how to download anything but the Windows executable (which I have installed successfully on my WinXP machine).

    My problem is that I'm a linux idiot but I want to give the owner of my Web Hosting company easy instructions on how to install ooRexx on his server so that I can use ooRexx CGI programs.

    Maybe he'll take one look at this familiar SourceForge page and know exactly what to do, but in case he doesn't what can I tell him? Is he going to have to compile source code? If so, where can he download the sourcecode?

    I've been dying to do cgi in Rexx for over a decade (Perl gives me hives). I'm desparate.

    • Mark Miesfeld

      Mark Miesfeld - 2006-02-18


      You should be able to download the rpm package and install without having to build. If, you are on a linux distribution that has the rpm package manager, like Red Hat or SuSE.

      Go to the files page and you will see an icon by the text: 3.0.0, wiht a + sign. Click on that and it will list all the files instead of just the latest files.

      Look for the file: ooRexx-3.0.0-1.i386.rpm, download that, and you should be able to install fairly easily.

      Mark Miesfeld

    • William

      William - 2006-02-18


      You are right, the instruction for installing
      Rexx are poor. You must download:the source files
      Then do the configure, make, make install.
      I have it installed and am running Rexx cgi scripts.

      Depending on what you are trying to do, you may
      look at PHP. It is much easier to do Web pages
      that Rexx. And that is from a Rexx bigot!

      If you need more help, I am at:
      MrUmunhum <at> popdial <dot> com.

      Setting up Rexx cgi will require more space than
      should be used here.


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