Mark Harsen - 2009-10-30

We've been running the old IBM Object Rexx on our main Networking web servers
and frankly, we've been afraid to touch it because of the critical nature of
the code. I've longed to upgrade it to 4.0 or even OOREXX 3.2, but we couldn't
afford the downtime or risks.

Now, however, we're rebuilding both servers on new machines running Windows
2008 Server and, unfortunately, nothing REXX based (com objects or web pages)
works at all. (Stand-alone OOREXX works fine thus far.) I don't think that
OOREXX 4.0 has WSH support, but we have some critical com objects written in
OREXX that I'm dying to move to OOREXX 4.0, so my first question is do you
know when WSH support will be available for 4.0 and do you need any testers
for 4.0 on 2008 Server?

I'd be happy just to get the com objects working under 3.2 until 4.0 is ready,
but all attempts to do so fail with "Unknown Error: Object Rexx"
followed by a DLL installation failure code 0x80020101. If I change the
language to anything other than "Object REXX" (which was valid for
IBM's) I get an invalid language error.

Secondly, do you know anything about running OOREXX 4.0 code under IIS as a
Active Server Page (.asp)? Under 2003 Server, I simply included the line...

< %@ Language="Object Rexx"% >

...(without spaces) as the first line of the .asp page, and I could code in
OREXX. I can't get any such thing to work under Server 2008 and some have
suggested that other things were changed to set this up. However, we were
forced to rebuild the server a month or so back and the people doing backups
didn't create one that could restore a running system. Therefore, we
reinstalled all software, restored just the user data files, and all of my
OREXX pages ran fine.

I've tried IBM's old 2.x code, OOREXX 3.2, and OOREXX 4.0 to no avail. Can you
please help or point me in the right direction! We're heavily dependent on
REXX and I need to get OOREXX working for both .asp and com objects (WSH)

Best Regards, -Mark

Mark.Harsen@MissouriState.Edu -