Andrew McIntyre - 2012-09-14

version is 410 on x64 Ubuntu 12.04

installed with file ooRexx-4.1.0-ubuntu1010.x86_64.deb

I was finally able to spend some time on my code and get rid of piping output of a command to RXQUEUE, which was causing a lot of RXAPI daemon overhead due to my volume.

I was expecting the cpu usage of RXAPI to go to zero, however, now with three REXX processes totaling about 14 mins of cpu time during the day, and with NO useage at all of RXQUEUE by my code, RXAPI still uses over 1 min of cpu time.

So that's an overhead of about 7% for some internal usage that apparently requires RXAPI because when I tried shutting RXAPI down, none of my REXX code would even start.

Is there any way to reduce RXAPI usage to 0%?