Install without root privilege in UNIX?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I use ooREXX in Windows and want to do the same under UNIX but I do not have a root privilege to install. Is it possible to copy applicable modules to my own directory to use ooREXX? I am a very limited user of UNIX, so a detailed instruction would be helpful. Thank you.

    • Jerome Potts

      Jerome Potts - 2009-08-15

      If you install from the source tar file, you could:
      1. mkdir ~/src
      2. tar xzvf ooRexx-xx-yy-zz.tar.gz -d src
      3. cd src
      4. ./configure --prefix=$HOME (try "./configure --help" first)
      5. make
      6. make install

      then, add $HOME/bin to your $PATH (in your ~/.profile or ~./login, depending on which shell you use)

      then, "which rexx" should return "$HOME/bin/rexx", whatever the value of the $HOME variable is

      The first line of the programs you write would be something like "#! /home/you/bin/rexx" (again, the "/home/you/" part depending on the value of your $HOME)

      As concerns the daemon, i don't know anything about it, but:
      1. userspace daemons are common, such as "jackd" (
      2. i have a /sbin/start-stop-daemon on my Gentoo Linux installation, the man page of which was written by/for Debian Linux setup. Here, it belongs to the "sys-apps/baselayout" package, which is Gentoo-specific. The program is maintained by Marek Michalkiewicz
      3. some programs have a --daemonize option, i.e. detach from the terminal, and also a --kill option, for "an already running daemon of the calling user" (example: PulseAudio
      4. "mpg321" ( has a --remote option so that it be able to receive further commands, including the quit instruction.

      Now of course the "for local socket access" bit may not be resolved by a userspace daemon, if the needed sockets are system-wide, such as under /dev.

    • Jerome Potts

      Jerome Potts - 2009-08-16

      Aw, too bad, i can't edit my previous post, so here is an erratum:
      In step number 3, it is "cd src/ooRexx-xx.yy.zz"
      After step 6, $MANPATH needs to be updated too.

      Reading the 0ReadMe.pdf file tells us to run ldconfig after "make install". One has to stufy that as it pertains to one's Unix/Linux distribution.
      From the same document, the daemon seems to be rxapid. Same as above.

    • Jerome Potts

      Jerome Potts - 2009-08-16

      ...and another erratum:
      step number 2: tar xzvf ooRexx-xx-yy-zz.tar.gz -C src

    • David Ashley

      David Ashley - 2009-07-09

      This is possible (but not recommended) for ooRexx 3.2 but it is not possible for 4.0 as a background daemon needs to be installed for local socket access.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    This instruction did not work for my system (SunOS xxx 5.9 Generic_118558-34
    sun4u sparc SUNW,Sun-Fireme). Getting "tar: z: unknown option". 'I
    am not a UNIX person and can really use more detailed help.

    I am willing to install 3.2 if that is what it takes without having a root
    privilege. Thank you.


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