Cannot get access to SysIsFileDirectory

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Before retirement I wrote a large suite of REXX programs on IBM

    Having now installed OORexx on Linux Mandriva (2009.0), I have come across
    a problem getting access to the Rexx utility SysIsFileDirectory.

    Quoting from a test program:

        say SysIsFileDirectory("/home/mab/rx")

    which fails as follows:

    E Unable to load library: !
    Error message: cannot open shared object file: No such
    file or directory
    5 - say SysIsFileDirectory("/home/mab/rx")
    REX0043E: Error 43 running /home/mab/rx/test line 5: Routine not found
    REX0417E: Error 43.1: Could not find routine "SYSISFILEDIRECTORY"

    Mandriva does show and in /usr/lib.

    I suspect I have unwittingly missed out some step in the setup.

    Which is the most appropriate forum where a solution to this problem could
    be sought, please?

    Maurice Batey (Retired in Surrey, UK)

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      rexx -v
      Open Object Rexx Interpreter Version 3.1.2 for LINUX
      Build date: Mar 11 2008
      Copyright (c) IBM Corporation 1995, 2004.
      Copyright (c) RexxLA 2005-2007.
      All Rights Reserved.
      This program and the accompanying materials
      are made available under the terms of the Common Public License v1.0
      which accompanies this distribution.

      Installed by Mandriva libfary facility

      ls -Al /usr/lib/
      lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 20 2009-04-04 17:25 /usr/lib/ ->*

    • David Ashley

      David Ashley - 2009-04-08

      We need more information in order to debug this.

      What version of ooRexx?
      Did you build it yourself or get it from SourceForge?
      Is the marked as executable?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I have now tried renaming (in /usr/lib) "" to "", and that has solved the problem!

      I assume this indicates an error in the Mandriva installation of oorexx, and I shall take the matter up with Mandriva developers - unless anyone here feels otherwise.

      Many thanks for your prompt response - much appreciated...

      Maurice Batey (Retired in Surrey, UK)


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