Rexx SQL Interface

  • Aviatrexx

    Aviatrexx - 2005-04-01

    I've just started looking at Rexx again. I see that it's recently
    become Open Source. The former IBM version used to have a Rexx SQL
    interface to DB2 databases. Does the new Open Source version still have


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    • Harv Shapiro

      Harv Shapiro - 2007-06-07

      SysAddFuncPkg does not exist. For the most part RxFuncAdd works OK as a replacement, except occasionally when trying to use it for a given userid persistently gives the error "E The member of the semaphore set does not exist (lock)!" and upon killing produces a coredump. (AIX) No workaround. Don't know if SysAddFuncPkg would help or just give the same error.

    • Rick McGuire

      Rick McGuire - 2005-04-01

      The DB2 interface was part of the DB2 product, not of Object Rexx itself. ooRexx implements the same interfaces (it's the same code, actually) as the Object Rexx product, so the DB2 interface should still work.


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