ooRexx for HP-UX / Sun Sparc

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Hi I was wondering why there are no packages for HP-UX (at least the IA arch). Also, I noticed there are no packages for Solaris sparc-10, is the platform not being supported in the future?


    • Kris

      Kris - 2007-12-13

      Thanks! I will be able to work on this Friday morning, and Ill reply here if I have any more questions. One other question I had was about compiling rexx on HP. I compiled it on HPUX (paRISC) and it worked fine but I noticed that when I did rexx -v the operating system was UNKNOWN. I was wondering which file this is set in so maybe I could update it before packaging.


      • Rick McGuire

        Rick McGuire - 2007-12-13

        If you don't mind, the oorexx-devel mailing list might be a better place to ask development questions. Replying to emails is generally nicer than having to go to the forum and post replies.

        The "unknown" string comes from configure.ac. You'll probably need to modify that to get something else to display.

    • Rick McGuire

      Rick McGuire - 2007-12-12

      We're limited in our ability to provide packages for this other platforms by not having access to all possible systems. If somebody would like to build these packages on additional system and provide us with the packages, we'd gladly make them available.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Ahh, I see. I would gladly build the packages, but Im not sure how. I know how to compile rexx on these platforms, but Im not sure how to make a depot/pkg/etc. In version 3.2 source files there is only a windows-build.txt (at least that I noticed), the unix one seems to be missing. If there is a readme somewhere I can give it a try.


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