REX0040E: ?Cannot open REXX message catalog

  • Perry Werneck

    Perry Werneck - 2005-03-02

    I build the open object rexx in my machine (Mandrake Linux 10.1, portuguese version), but, when I got any kind of error the it shows the message in the subject. Can anybody give me a clue about the right place to put the file?

    • David Ashley

      David Ashley - 2005-03-02

      The catalog file needs to be in your PATH on Linux.

    • Perry Werneck

      Perry Werneck - 2005-03-03

      That's the problem, it is (see the lines below). I think it can be something related with my system language, maybee the file needs to be in a diferent place (something similar with the OS/2 .cat files).

      [perry@porte001 perry]$ whereis
      rexx: /usr/local/bin/rexx /usr/local/bin/ /usr/local/bin/rexx.img
      [perry@porte001 perry]$ ls -l /usr/local/bin/re
      rexx rexxc rexx.img rexxrt
      [perry@porte001 perry]$ ls -l /usr/local/bin/
      -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 36529 Mar 1 15:23 /usr/local/bin/
      [perry@porte001 perry]$

    • Perry Werneck

      Perry Werneck - 2005-03-03

      I found the problem analising the code. The cat file path is hardcoded in the /opt/orexx path. I think I can change it in the source code to use a macro defined variable (and/or a makefile defined value).

    • David Ashley

      David Ashley - 2005-03-04

      Unfortunately there are still a lot of garbage files in the beta. The files that use /opt/orexx are all defunct. We will be removing these files from the tree before the next beta drop. The only files that are used for the *nix builds are


      all other makefiles are defunct and not used during the build process.

      Note that if you are not building and installing the files via the standard autotools methods then you will have problems with the file not being found.

    • Perry Werneck

      Perry Werneck - 2005-03-08

      Well. I used (by default) the following sequence:

      make clean
      make install


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