rxqueue on AIX hangs

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I would appreciate any suggestions any one has on this problem.

    I don't have much for details or errors because it doesn't return to a prompt. The precompiled AIX code available on this side was installed via the standard (installp) method. The AIX version we are running is fairly new - 5.3 TL6 SP3.

    I've tried running a few commands, "ls | rxqueue MYQ /LIFO", and "export RXQUEUE=MYQ; rxqueue /CLEAR". Neither return to a command prompt or produce any output.

    Just to force output, I also tried running "./rxqueue --help" to produce the error: "REX131: The syntax of the command is incorrect"

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      The symptom of the rxqueue command hanging is occurring when this is run in a rexx script or at command line.

    • William

      William - 2008-09-18

      Are you running these commands from within a Rexx script or on
      the command line?


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