Open Source Rexx for AIX

  • Harv Shapiro

    Harv Shapiro - 2005-04-04

    Do I have the correct understanding that Open Source Rexx is not yet available for AIX? Is that just a resource issue? That is, no AIX environment available to work in? Any time-frame?

    • Harv Shapiro

      Harv Shapiro - 2006-08-09

      Great news! I'll keep checking. Thanks!!

    • Rick McGuire

      Rick McGuire - 2005-04-04

      Partially an issue of access to an AIX system, partially an expertise problem (i.e, we've been encountering a problem building on AIX what we've not been able to solve, partly because of the limited system access). We have no time frame for this, primarily because we've not solved the resource issue yet.

    • John P. Hartmann

      Unless corporate has issued an edict to the contrary, I dare say that IBM Denmark would be able to find an AIX system to build on.

      Beware thought that there are at least four different C compilers for AIX. You'll have to take pot luck as to the compiler I happen to be using.


    • Rick McGuire

      Rick McGuire - 2005-07-09

      Well, in Open Source, "code talks"! An AIX version compiled with a "pot luck" compiler is better than no AIX version at all.

    • Harv Shapiro

      Harv Shapiro - 2005-11-29

      I'm just getting back to this issue. Has there been any action or any time frame set on Open Source Rexx on AIX?


    • David Ashley

      David Ashley - 2005-11-29

      There is no timeframe yet, but I believe we have identified someone who is willing to take on creating an AIX version of ooRexx. He is just getting started so when we have some progress to report I will post another message to this forum.

    • Harv Shapiro

      Harv Shapiro - 2005-11-30


    • David Ashley

      David Ashley - 2006-06-27

      If you have been following the ooRexx announcements you will have seen that there is now an AIX version of ooRexx in beta. This will become golden when the 3.1 release becomes gold.


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