Simple LINEOUT program

  • Larry Kintisch

    Larry Kintisch - 2008-10-02

    Hi group,
    I used Masfield PC REXX 20 years ago. I've since scanned the 1997 "ObjectREXX" text by Wahli but I don't want to become a full O-O person just yet. I've got a mini-project to load some test data into DB2 tables via flat files and LOAD.

    Can someone provide me with a skeleton that I can run from a Win XP command prompt to allow me to generate an output file x.txt that I produce with a series of LINEOUT comands. I've installed ooREXX 3.1.2. I also have the old OblectREXX that came with the 1997 text.

    I'm very appreciative if you can help ASAP.
    Larry Kintisch

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Thanks! Got it to work. I'll go back to my 1985 Cowlishaw text and the 1988 O'hara Gombergeg text for examples. Nice to know you guys and gals[?] are around just in case! LK

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      well, it's not much different than PC Rexx (except for maybe the lineout part

      do while not_finished
      call lineout filename, dosomething()

    • William

      William - 2008-10-02


      You can use Classic Rexx format with OORexx. No need
      to learn OORexx, Classic Rexx is supported.


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