UbuntoRexx Install says Installed OK, but Not

  • MarcIrvin

    MarcIrvin - 2008-05-26


    I recently installed the ubuntu v8, and it went in in minutes. After two boots I brought it up and found that it was fully functional. I mean the broadband internet, HP printer, and access to Window directory were all there, W/O mount commands or anything.

    Well the first, thing after do the google and checking some internet mail I did was to try to install ooRexx on it. I went to REXXLA, To source forge, found the Ubuntu version of ooRexx v702 or so, and downloaded it to the Ubuntu desktop. From there I clicked the ooRexx ICON on the desktop, and it proceeded I thought to install. It seemed to do its thing for a short while. Then it asked me for my password, I gave it, and werred some more, and then finally told me ooRexx was successfully installed.

    I however took looks aroung in BIN OPT etc and such and couldn't find anything that looked like ooRexx. I went back to a readme I found online somewhere it said all the files that would download and where to. I could not find them so I did a system search on ooRexx and found it everywhere but in the Linux Ubuntu directories.

    Can someone please give me a step by step that will get ooRexx installed on the system without me having to do it totally by hand, which I always mess up?

    Marc Irvin 203 820-3013.

    • Mark Miesfeld

      Mark Miesfeld - 2008-06-02

      What happens if you open up a console window and type: rexx -v

      That should tell you if ooRexx is installed.

      If it is installed you'll get output similar to:

      Open Object Rexx Interpreter Version 3.2.0
      Build date: Oct 30 2007
      Copyright (c) IBM Corporation 1995, 2004.
      Copyright (c) RexxLA 2005-2007.
      All Rights Reserved.
      This program and the accompanying materials
      are made available under the terms of the Common Public License v1.0
      which accompanies this distribution.

      If you do, then just do: which rexx

      to get the location of the files.

      Note that I doubt if the Ubuntu build will work on version 8, but it might.

      I'll put Ubuntu 8 on a system and test it some time, but it won't be for a week or so probably.

      Mark Miesfeld


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