OS/2 Build

  • Eric Erickson

    Eric Erickson - 2005-05-07

    Now that the Open Source Version of ooRexx has been released I'd be interested in building a version for OS/2 - eCS. I've looked over the stuff in CVS, but did not find any clear instructions on what to download (i.e components list) in order to build it. And on the topic of build. I'm wonder which compiler is recommended by the Project Team (VAC 3.0 or Open Watcom)


    • Rick McGuire

      Rick McGuire - 2005-05-09

      An OS/2 version will require writing a new platform-specific adaptor layer tailored to the OS/2 environment. If you download the oorexx module from CVS, that will give you the entire code tree. In the code tree, there are a number of "patform" directories that contain the platform specific code for each of the subcomponents. Currenctly, these directories have "windows" and "unix" branches. I'd recommend making a copy of the windows branches and changing as appropriate.

      I don't think anybody on the project team has an opinion on which compiler you should use...as the first person to express interest in working on the OS/2 port, you can make that decision yourself.


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