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 the ooRexx interpreter you are running.  To use the ooRexxUnit 4.2.0 test
 framework you must have the 4.2.0 version of the interpreter running.
+Installation Notes:
+* The test suite framework must be able to write temporary files in its
+sub-directory structure.  Do not install this snapshot into a directory
+structure that may restict file writing privileges.  On Windows Vista and
+later, the typical user can not write files to the C:\Program Files
+sub-directory tree.
+* In general, it is not advised to install the snapshot into a sub-directory
+tree that will have spaces in the path name.
 All example text shown here, such as:
@@ -24,6 +36,34 @@
 the purpose of writing this read me file, the test suite was installed at:
+Gotchas for the General User:
+Some test cases may make assumptions that cause the test to fail when the
+test suite is run in an unexpected environment.  Some of these are known and
+listed below.  Most likely there are other circumstances not as yet known.
+Windows Platform:
+The SpecialFolders.testGroup assumes an English languge version of Windows.
+Test cases in this test group will fail if run under a different language
+version of Windows.
+The WindowsEventLog.testGroup has tests in it that will fail if the test
+suite is not executed with Administrator privileges.
+Several tests in the SysCurPos.testgroup will fail if the output of
+exectuing the test suite is redirected to a file.  There is an additional
+test case in the CHAROUT.testGroup that will fail.  The test suite is
+intened to be run in a command shell with no redirection of its output.
+Unix-like Platforms:
+There is a test case that will fail if the test suite is executed as root.
 Quick Start to execute tests:

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