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--- a/main/trunk/platform/unix/oorexx.spec.in
+++ b/main/trunk/platform/unix/oorexx.spec.in
@@ -251,9 +251,9 @@
 ln -sf %{_datadir}/ooRexx/rexxtry.rex %{_bindir}/rexxtry.rex
 # Add the rxapi service
 if [ -x /usr/bin/systemctl ]; then
-   systemctl link /usr/share/ooRxee/rxapid.service
+   systemctl link %{_datadir}/ooRexx/rxapid.service
    systemctl --system daemon-reload
-   systemctl start rxapid.service
+#   systemctl start rxapid.service
 elif [ -x /sbin/insserv ]; then
    ln -sf %{_bindir}/rxapid /etc/init.d/rxapid
    # try insserv first (for Suse)

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