--- a/docs/trunk/oodialog/en-US/menus.xml
+++ b/docs/trunk/oodialog/en-US/menus.xml
@@ -6831,7 +6831,7 @@
 <entry>Adds a popup menu, a submenu, to the menu template.</entry>
-<entry><xref linkend="mthAddSeparator"/></entry>
+<entry><xref linkend="mthAddSeparatorMenu"/></entry>
 <entry>Adds a separator menu item to the menu template.</entry>
@@ -7387,8 +7387,8 @@
-<section id="mthAddSeparator" xreflabel="addSeparator"><title>addSeparator</title>
+<section id="mthAddSeparatorMenu" xreflabel="addSeparator"><title>addSeparator</title>
+<indexterm><primary>addSeparator</primary><secondary>UserMenuBar class</secondary></indexterm>
 <indexterm><primary>UserMenuBar class</primary><secondary>addSeparator</secondary></indexterm>
@@ -7548,7 +7548,7 @@
     The menu bar can not be attached to a dialog prior to invoking the <emphasis role="italic">complete</emphasis>
     method. Likewise, no menu items can be added to the template using the <xref linkend="mthAddItem"/>,
- <xref linkend="mthAddPopup"/>, or <xref linkend="mthAddSeparator"/> methods after
+ <xref linkend="mthAddPopup"/>, or <xref linkend="mthAddSeparatorMenu"/> methods after
     the <emphasis role="italic">complete</emphasis> method is invoked. However, once the menu bar is complete, the
     <emphasis role="italic">insert</emphasis> methods of the menu object, such as the
  <xref linkend="mthInsertPopup"/> method can all be used to insert menu items.