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[r9351] by miesfeld

ooDialog doc - fix tags

2013-07-07 17:59:24 Tree
[r9350] by miesfeld
2013-07-07 17:53:56 Tree
[r9349] by miesfeld

#202 ooDialog Reference 4.2.3 - Text errors in Section 8.1 "Method Table
#201 getTextAlign(), getTextExtent(), setTextAlign() not documented

2013-07-07 17:52:31 Tree
[r9348] by miesfeld

ooDialog - fix the return for freeDC() which is documented as returning 1 on error

2013-07-07 16:13:01 Tree
[r9347] by miesfeld

#1186 ooRexx/oodialog will either hang or crash from deadlock condition

This change allows, on Windows, the turning off of Windows message processing
during waitHandle() used by SysSemaphore. The behavior, turning off of
Windows message processing, is done on a per-thread basis and can only be
activated through the RexxSetProcessMessages() API.

Note that this change was committed to trunk 2/5/2010, but since there
was no bug opened for it, it was never ported to 4.1 fixes, until now.

2013-07-06 22:28:59 Tree
[r9346] by miesfeld

Add the oodialog releaset notes to 4.1 fixes

2013-07-06 18:01:29 Tree
[r9345] by miesfeld

Port Rainer's change to 4.1.3 to 4.1 fixes

2013-07-06 17:46:16 Tree
[r9344] by miesfeld

ooDialog - work for ComboBox::setFullColor() and some combo box examples

2013-07-05 04:04:32 Tree
[r9343] by miesfeld

ooSQLite - remove comment left over from testing

2013-07-05 03:12:39 Tree
[r9342] by miesfeld

ooSQLite - fix missing printf specifier

2013-07-05 02:03:15 Tree
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