Diff of /ooDialog/trunk/ooDialog/APICommon.hpp [r8755] .. [r8756]  Maximize  Restore

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--- a/ooDialog/trunk/ooDialog/APICommon.hpp
+++ b/ooDialog/trunk/ooDialog/APICommon.hpp
@@ -248,7 +248,7 @@
  * @param c        Thread context we are executing in.
  * @param argPos   Array argument position.
  * @param index    Index in array
- * @param msg      Some string message, or object namee
+ * @param msg      Some string message, or object name
  * @param actual   Actual Rexx object,
 inline void wrongObjInArrayException(RexxThreadContext *c, size_t argPos, size_t index, CSTRING msg, RexxObjectPtr actual)

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